Dewsbury 10k

Another great turn out for Queensbury running club at the Dewsbury 10k this is a good course for  getting a PB I know at least two Queensbury runners achieved a PB and possibly more please let me know. The race  starts flat then there is a mild incline to 5k then a fast second half you have to get up early for this one as it is a 9am start.


Name                                            Position                                Time

Anna Smith                                    354                                       44.16

Neil Windle                                     491                                      47.13

Julie Hepworth                                638                                      50.00 PB

Darren Jack                                    660                                      50.12

Stephen Brook                                725                                       52.51

David Hepworth                              763                                       53.51 PB

Andrew Smith                                 863                                       57.40 PB

Tamara Swan                                 1081                                     1-10-46 PB

If any more pictures come through let me know and any others who got a PB  let me know well done to you all.
IMG_20160207_092352 IMG_20160207_092724 IMG_20160207_092817 IMG_20160207_092849 IMG_20160207_092915 IMG_20160207_093230 IMG_20160207_093652