The last race in the YVAA grand prix was run at Spenborough last Sunday. Starting with the M35 category and Darren was equal points with Allan Dodds of Roundhay Runners going into the last race. Darren ran an excellent race and finished 10th overall in 33 minutes, well ahead of his rival and secured 2nd place in the M35 for the season. Richard Brook and Lee Hipwell also both ran well in the Spen race but had not run enough races to qualify for the seasons placings.

Karl Chamberlain finished 10th overall in the most competive V40 category, putting in a time of 40.12 even after a while off training.

Mick Coe finished the off in 4th overall in the V45 after a good run at Spen alongside Phil Robinson, 6th overall.

Carl Heron split the two in the race at spen with a decent run in 35:57 but had not run enough vets race to compete in his category this season. Andy was also in the M50 category but being a newer member only managed the one race this season in the completion.

Pete Hughes had already secured 1st place this season to retain the V55 trophy but put in another top performance and again won his category on the day and finished 15th overall at Spen. Steve Jones, also in the V55 category just got his one local race in over at York this year in the YVAA comp.

Graham Jowett finished 6th overall in the V60 category after getting his 6th counting race in at Spen, finishing in 41:17. Steve Wilby came in 10th for the season after also getting in his 6th race of the competition at Spen.

Anna Smith finished 5th lady overall for the season and 2nd in his category after a good performance at Spen finishing 10th lady overall on the day.

Some great performances over the season and a consistently good turnout from the club meant Queensbury took 3rd team place in the 1st 4 to count beating much larger clubs such as Stainland Lions & Horsforth Harriers, something everyone can be proud of achieving. Queensbury was 6th place in the ‘All to count’ highlighting how many points we have picked up for a small club. Well done to everyone and look forward to another good season next year.

Spen Full Results: http://www.yvaa.org/2013/13GP8-Spen.htm

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