Yorkshire 10 mile 14th Oct 2018

Taking place on the same day as the full 26.2 mile Yorkshire Marathon, the Yorkshire 10 Mile shares many of the highlights of the Marathon with the added bonus of only having to run 10 miles – often referred to as ‘the perfect racing distance’.

The race will began in the heart of York – arguably the most beautiful City in the UK – and passed various historic landmarks including the stunning York Minster and the impressive medieval City Walls.

6 of our members made the journey with all coming away with great results and great memories. 

57th Gary Rowling 1:03:29

372nd Phil Lickley 1:17:28

2176th Claire Gearie 1:45:12

2830th Lynn Hill 2:01:16

2831st Louise Hayton 2:03:29

2877th Jennifer Luwaji 2:06:07

Well done to you all,  you’re all fab