WYWL Skipton 11th Feb 2018

This event starting at 10.30 was delayed due Steve Bower allowing a 1 minute silence followed by a 1 minute applause in memory of Gary Morritt who sadly passed away the previous weekend.

Even though running round in circles didn’t appeal to some, the majority turned up in Skipton and were given 3 laps of pure mud filled fun. The front runners would have had a good 1st lap but after that everybody was slipping all over, added to that a couple of short steep climbs some even took to crawling, but more importantly the racing was still good with some good performances throughout the Queensbury team. Well done all. 

With Chris, Tom and Alistair finishing in the top 8, hopes of a 1st place finish for the men were dashed as Baildon took the honours, but nonetheless QRC on the day took 2nd place overall, just piping Stainland, our best result of the season so far, well done to everybody.

Full results can be found on the WYWL facebook page under the files tab.