WYWL Puma’s Race 2, 21st Nov 2021

‘The Puma’s have a good old fashioned cross country course, with woods, fields and a bit of road, all on a slope of some sort. What makes it such a memorable course is that minutes before the start of of the last Puma’s race, a blizzard occurred and the entire race was run in a snowstorm. A lot of cars needed rescuing out of the car park afterwards! The clear skies represented a foreshadowing of another flurry, but fortunately no repeat occurred’ said Alistair Galt in his post race interview.

QRC had one of it’s best performances in the race managing to beat the likes of Baildon + Stainland in some fiercely contested categories, with QRC finishing 2nd in the Male, Vets and Overall (59 points shy of 1st) categories, with the ladies a superb 4th and the Super Vets with top spot.

Dewsbury awaits us next and we all know what that means. KILLER HILLS!!

Well done to you all, !