Vale of York Half 9th Sept 2018

The Vale of York Half Marathon: the fast, flat, PB-loving half marathon in aid of Sue Ryder just got better.

This year the race will started on a real (but not live!) runway. The Sherburn Aero Club are closed the airfield to traffic to let runners taxi to the start and take off (with clearance from Air Traffic Control) on 13.1 flat miles on scenic closed roads south of York.

For the novice runner this is a perfect introduction to a longer distance. For the more seasoned racer it is a genuine PB opportunity. And for those training for an autumn marathon it fits perfectly into your training schedule. 

In the 5th year of running the race over 1500 runners made their way to York and with decent if not a bit too hot running conditions all ran superbly, especially the 7 QRCers led home by Simon Brady.

Simon Brady 1:48:22 PB

Jo Horan 1:33:46 PB

Leanne Alston 1:44:10 PB

Peter Wood 2:19:36

Sharon Elliott 2:33:57

Dave Elliott 2:37:57

Kirsty Russell 2:34:16

Sorry if I’ve missed your PB off, well done to you all.

Leanne, Sharon and Dave