Vale of York 10 mile Road Race

QRC team photo

The QRC fun bus left HQ at 7.15am minus 1 passenger due to an alarm malfunction (yes I drove there) causing me to sleep in, I was soon up and on my way. it certainly was to be a hot one as the clouds disappeared leaving bright sunshine, ideal for the spectators but not the best conditions for running. After collecting our numbers and milling about for roughly 50 minutes it was time for the 9.30am start. Race day instructions were quickly disposed of by the organisers and we were on our way. After a quick scenic 1st mile up and down the runway it was out onto the closed roads surrounding the Gliding Centre and into some beautiful villages where the locals gave us fantastic support. There was no shortage of water on route with adequate water stations every 3 miles or so which certainly helped keep everybody hydrated in the soaring temperatures. 

All of us did extremely well considering the heat and we were all relieved to cross the finishing line which can be summed up with the picture of the day of our Jo Bottomley.

Jo Bottomley
Jo Bottomley

Well done to everybody you were all fab and a special thank you to the organisers and marshals who made this race a success. 

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Results as follows:-
41st Immy Asghar 1:03:38 
134th Neil Windle  1:11:38 
234th Michael Peel  1:17:52 
348th Joanna Lockwood 1:22:56 
448th Leanne Alston 1:27:36 
493rd Rachel Kendall 1:29:34 
523rd Gary Morritt 1:30:36 
607th Dianne Simpson 1:34:38 
667th Joanna Robinson 1:36:44 
688th Craig Smith 1:37:32 
720th Michelle Greenwood 1:38:40 
727th Sue Tozer 1:38:39 
740th Jo Bottomley 1:39:39 
865th Jodie Ansell 1:48:07 
920th Elspeth Whittaker 1:52:53 
934th Tracey Roper 1:53:29 
947th Maria Keating 1:54:46 
998th Sam Lawton 2:08:31 
1001st Helen Gibbons  2:09:16