Run Leader Role

Being a Run Leader is a fun and rewarding experience, which not only helps  your fellow runners and yourself to develop, but also gives you a set of transferable skills.

To become a Run Leader, you are required to undertake the following activities:

Costs will be covered by the club.

Following completion of the LIRF course, Run Leaders are expected to remain committed to Queensbury Running Club, with a minimum of two years leading or assisting, and should give three months’ notice if planning to step down from the role.

Run Leaders should:


  • Work with other Run Leaders and the Coaching Co-ordinator, to ensure sufficient leaders available for your own and other groups
  • Plan a route for the run, appropriate for the group
  • Clearly communicate any route specific risks that may not be covered by the “Generic Club Risk Assessment“, prior to the start of the run


  • Lead the group in appropriate warm up exercises
  • Lead the members at the guide pace of the group, and be expected to able to run at the front and back pace of the group comfortably
  • Whilst leading adjust route/session where necessary, due any unexpected risks or obstructions
  • Ensure that group stays together through regular mustering, and that runners at the back of the group are not left far behind.


  • Account for all members, to ensure that they return back to the finish safely
  • Lead the group in appropriate cool down exercises


  • Encourage and motivate group members who are quicker than the group pace to move up to a faster group
  • Follow England Athletics “Incident & Accident Reporting Guidance” in the case of an accident or near misses, so others can learn from the issue, and inform the Coaching Co-ordinator/Welfare Officer
  • Ensure runner’s medical details and next of kin are kept confidential, and should only be used for emergency situations
  • If you post ad hoc running sessions on official QRC social media pages, they are open to all members, and require the same degree of preparation as Club night runs.
  • It is recognised that Run Leaders may also lead non QRC runs, not posted on such official pages, which may include QRC members. For clarity such runs are not official QRC events, and not subject to our insurance or general requirements

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