Oregon Circuit

This session gets its name from the University of Oregon in the USA where it was first invented. It involves fast running interspersed with circuit type activities like push-ups, lunges and squat thrusts.

By working on circuit activities and running between each station, you mix endurance work with resistance work, and so tone and strengthen your muscles, whilst getting a double whammy of aerobic and anaerobic activity. You keep your heart rate fairly high throughout, and so get a good conditioning session for the heart.

Before attempting the circuit, a suitable warm-up should be performed, e.g. 800m jog, some dynamic mobility exercises, and strides.

Circuit layout


AreaExercise & RepsVideo Demo
ARMS1A – Push-ups x 10Push-Ups
LEGS1B – High Squats x 10High Squats
CORE1C – Bicycle crunches x 5 each legKnee-to-Elbow Crunches
BODY1D – Squat Thrusts x 10Burpees – Basic
ARMS2A – Triceps dips x 10Tricep Dips On Floor
LEGS2B – Lunges x 5 each legLunges
CORE2C – Plank rotations x 5 each armPlank Rotations
BODY2D – Jump Squats x 10Jump Squats

The highest running club in England, probably.