Training Groups Summary

Would you believe it’s 5 years since the Martin set up the first beginners’ 10 week course? Fancy a swift half (not marathon!) after club run to celebrate?

a) Chris W – CWR leg 4 recce, meet at The Raggalds at 6:15pm

For the rest of us folks, as usual, 6:45pm for a 7pm run from The Raggalds.

b) Andy – steady flat(ish) route ahead of CWR; about 6 miles; pace 8-9 min/mi
c) Phil L – a loop past Hedley golf course, up station around and round the back of the golf club; about 6.5 miles; pace 8:30-9:30 min/mile
d) Darren – something off-road; about 5-6 miles; pace 12 min/mile
e) Phillip W – featuring the Great Northern Railway Trail & Taylor Lane; about 5.2 miles; pace 10 min/mile
f) Dianne – over to Odgen; about 5 miles; pace 10:30 min/mile
g) Lynn – Belters route TBD; about 3 miles; pace 11–12 min/mile
h) Martin – if any talkers; about 2.5 miles; pace 12+ min/mile

Cheers, P.