Training Groups

OK folks, as usual, 6:45pm for a 7pm run from the Raggalds, for all groups apart from the Belters.

Jo Punt is leading the Belters this week for a QRC handicap trial run – meet at the top of Station Road at 7pm. This is open to anyone from any of the other groups in case they want a practice before next Tue, 16th Jul.

Shibden Head Primary have their “prom” at the Raggalds 6:30-8:30, so the car park will be busier than normal.

a) ????? – something off-road over moorland and local trails; about 8-10 miles; pace 7-8 min/mi
b) Andy S – something off-road; about 6-7 miles; pace 8-9 min/mi
c) Phil L – a run through Queensbury and down Churn Milk Lane; about 6.8 miles; pace 8:30-9:30 min/mile
d) ????? – something off-road; about 5 miles; pace 12 min/mile
f) Dianne S – route TBA; about 4-5 miles; pace 11 min/mile
g) Jo P – bottom of station road to other end of viaduct and back; about 3.1 miles; your own pace

Cheers, P.