Training Groups

OK folks, 6:45pm for a 7pm run from Queensbury Celtic, off Pit Lane.

a) Pack run* – Route TBD on night; about 8-10 miles; pace 7-8 min/mi
b) Pack run* – Short one around Qby (as Neil needs to be back promptly) OR sort yourselves out; about 5 miles; pace 8-9 min/mi
c) Phil L – A loop around Queensbury; about 6.6 miles; pace 9:00-9:30 min/mile
d) Vikki B – Queensbury Lights; Pepper Hill, Whinney Royd Ln, Green Ln, Deanstones, Ln, New Park Rd, back to club; about 6.3 miles; pace 10 min/mile
e) Steve B – Pit Lane, Headley Lane, Green Lane, James St, Well Heads; about 5 miles; pace 10 min/mile
f) Dianne S – Whatever last weeks route was going to be; about 4-5 miles; pace 10:30-11:00 min/mile
g) Martin F – Belters – Down Pit Lane, on Malt Kiln and Cragg Lanes, ascend Brig and Den Rd, down Deep Lane, back to club via Malt Kiln and Pit Lanes – head torches advisable; about 3.7 miles; pace 11–12 min/mile
h) Glenn T – Beginners – route to be decided on night; about 2-3 miles; pace 12:30+ min/mile

* Pack runs do not have a specified leader.