Training Groups

Apologies for the delay – logistic/telecomms issues!
OK folks, 6:45pm for a 7pm run from Queensbury Celtic, off Pit Lane – apart from Dianne’s group, who are meeting at Shelf, aka Stone Chair, roundabout – same times

a) Chris W – route TBD; about 8-10 miles; pace 7-8 min/mi
b) Andy S – route TBD; about 7-8 miles; pace 8-9 min/mi
c) Phil L – To Thornton and back; about 6.5 miles; pace 9:00-9:30 min/mile
d) Vikki B – Fleet Ln, Green Ln, Lands Head Ln, B&DG Rd; about 6.2 miles; pace 10 min/mile
e) Steve B – Low Lane, Carter Lane, Scarlet Heights, Highgate Rd, Speeton Avenue, Beacon Rd, Highgate Rd, Queensbury Lights; about 6 miles; pace 10 min/mile
f) Phillip W – Victoria Wood tribute – “Two Loups”; about 4.8 miles; pace 10:30-11:00 min/mile
g) Jo P – route TBD; about 3.1 miles; pace 11–12 min/mile
h) Glenn T – Beginners walk/jog; about 2 miles; pace 12:30+ min/mile