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Yorkshireman Full And Half Marathon

What a fantastic weekend for Queensbury Runners competing in the Park Runs-Great North Run and the Yorkshireman Full and Half Marathon hosted by Keighley and Craven this race is well organized and well marshalled and a credit to the efforts of Keighley running members.

Lets start with the half Marathon which is 14.8 miles long starts with a climb to the withins from Haworth tough to say the least but a challenge met by Stacy Cleal and Matt Thornton both ran a great race and finished within a minute off each other.

Stacy was 100th overall in a time of 2.27.37

Matt was 104th overall in a time of 2.28.31

There were 254 runners in the half so Stacy and Matt were well up there well done.


Eight Queensbury runners attempted the full marathon seven completed the distance first home for Queensbury was Carl Heron another superb effort I think this is Carl’s favourite race he just keeps coming back followed by Philip Robinson who is in training for a triathlon had a great run Matt Fielding who had enough equipment on his back to get up mount everest and back ran a good steady race with a smile on his face well at least for the cameras Anna Smith strong as ever Anna just keeps going Chris Rushworth had a good steady run Chris just seems to get round even though his preparation has not been the best and for me I think someone shot me at 18 miles or that’s what it felt like so that was the end for me.

Graham Jowett and Karl Chamberlain ran the marathon in the pairs category Graham asked Karl if he would pair up with him in the marathon and Karl had no hesitation and said yes Karl promised not to do his usual and sprint off and I think he kept that promise although one of the pictures shows him going in front but I think that must have been to open the gates he he and as for Graham if you ever need inspiration look no further than Graham no challenge is too much he just keeps going and going even as I was writing this three days after the race Graham ran past the house with a back pack on waving and smiling and going at a good pace and no doubt ran to work that morning.

One final word I and other members have run for Queensbury for a long time and at no time have we experienced the support from other members like we did on Sunday they were popping up all over the place shouting support and taking pictures very humbling this shows that this club is going places so a big thank you from the runners.

Results for the Marathon

Carl Heron                 Time      4.12.04            Position    17th

Philip Robinson                       4.36.09                              33rd

Matt Fielding                            4.47.01                              54th

Anna Smith                              5.19.38                              100th

Chris Rushworth                      5.46.32                              116th

140 ran the Full Marathon


Karl Chamberlain- Graham Jowett

5.10.03 13th overall out of 27 teams

Updated Airedale Athletics points are here.

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Yorkshireman full and half marathon 2015

The 2015 Full Yorkshireman Marathon and the Half Marathon is nearly upon us Sunday 13th September Mick Coe and Stacy Cleal are running the Half and Carl Heron-Peter May-Matt Fielding-Anna Smith-Chris Rushworth Philip Robinson are running the full also Graham Jowett and Karl Chaimberlain are running the full as a pair so good luck to all I will post results and pictures soon after the race here are some pictures from last year.ymc1ymhm1 if I have missed anyone please contact me peter.may@peter-may.co.ukymc2ymc3ymp22 ymp3 yma2 ymc4ymc5ymp5 yma4 ymhm2yma3 yma5