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Week 3…

Thursday May 29th finally saw the mist lift from Queensbury after several days’ residence…much to the delight of our Beginners’ Group, for the Week 3 training session! We had another amazing turnout of 26 braves sampling the delights of Old Guy Road and part of Roper Lane, after an initial indoor warm up, for an out and back route of 10 minutes each way at the pace of one’s desires! There was incredible enthusiasm and endeavour shown once again, plus a great deal of improvement on show, too, since the course began!! Thank you to all for a super evening..and to Jo, Craig and Graham for assisting

Run / Jog / Walk Week 2…

Wow! What a fantastic turnout last night by our Beginners’ Running Group!..24 hardy souls in all!…and on quite a foul night as well, with mist,  cool winds and squally rain to contend with! There was a LOT of improvement evident in just one week!!..from everyone….and lots of solid effort, too!  We had  slightly harder session than last week, which was made tougher by the inclement weather! After warm ups, we used an out-and back course along the relatively flat Old Guy Road and part of Roper Lane, incorporating several “loop backs”, so as to keep the group cohesive. The group’s enthusiasm was absolutely amazing throughout, and shone as brightly as last Thursday’s sunshine. Well done to all…from Carl, Craig, Steve, Peter, and myself. Hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks, Martin

Queensbury Beginners Group

Martin Firth is behind the new Queensbury “Walk-Chat-Jog” group, which is aimed at people in Queensbury who have never run before, but fancy having a go .The group will be hosted by Queensbury Running Club, under the guidance of England Athletics, and be run by myself with help from colleagues from the club. We are providing a 10 week course, on Thursday evenings, FREE OF CHARGE, aimed at taking beginners gradually from walking to running…anyone is welcome,whether they have run before or never at all, or have just started, or do “just a bit”! The course starts at 7pm, May 15th, from Queensbury Celtic Football Club, Pit Lane . All who are interested can contact Martin on 07724 127743 or email on nemesis2011@hotmail.co.uk to put their name down. Thank you.




I’ve now 30 eager people signed up for our new venture into the realms of better health!..that’s now our limit. The local England Athletics rep was extremely impressed with the take up, when I met her last night. Another course will be set up to follow this one, probably for late August, to help to inspire more of our community with our lovely scenery and fresh air! If I may be permitted, I’ll post updates to here for the start of the 1st course on May 15th…there will also be details on the Queensbury Running Club website…www.Queensburyrc.co.uk .THANK YOU!!! See you all on the 15th!!….6.30pm to 6.45pm. if poss., as there’s a lot of you to enrol! …..Martin Firth