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West Yorkshire Winter League – Queensbury reaches new heights


QRC Temple Newsam
               Queensbury runners form an orderly queue led by Ben Clare just after the start 

Thirty-nine club members ran in the 3rd cross-country race in the West Yorkshire Winter League series on Sunday 31st January. In short we emerged as the overall winners on the day for the very first time in our history! There were many outstanding performances. Chris Williams, in his first race in the series, was 2nd overall to the regular winner of the men’s event (Ben Mounsey, Stainland). Tom Collinge has competed in every race so far and he managed his best performance taking 3rd place from Julian Hood (Skipton). New member, Alistair Galt, proved his ability crossing the line in 26th place. There then followed a remarkable sequence of finishers, including our top veteran runners: Andy Dovernor (32nd), Mick Coe (33), Martin Firth (36), Ben Clare (40), Peter Hughes (42). This ensured a fantastic first place in the men’s event on the day by 40 points over Baildon in 2nd place. A further 21 men completed the course. The women’s team finished 4th on the day with excellent performances by Anna Smith (13th), Jo Horan (16th albeit carrying an injury), Stacey Cleal (17th), Lynne Robinson (26th), Maria Rhodes (37th), Zoe Hipwell (48th), Julie Hepworth (54th), Rachel Kendall (65th), Dianne Simpson (78th) and Sharan Loughran (83rd). The combined efforts of the men and women meant that Queensbury was placed 1st overall on the day, a single point ahead of Stainland Lions in 2nd place and eight points ahead of Baildon Runners.

Chris Williams sprints for the line in 2nd place while Tom Collinge secures 3rd place in the background.


Queensbury was invited to join the West Yorkshire Winter League in the 2012-13 season. At the time the men formed a small but strong team and they finished the season in the 4th place. However, in our inaugural season there was no women’s team at all. It was not until the 2013-14 season when Anna and Jo started representing the club. By the end of the 2014-15 season the women, now joined by Stacey and Zoe, were placed 7th out of ten teams. This season, with one race to go, the women are 4th out of eleven teams in the same position as the men’s team. Given the competitive nature of the WYWL this is a remarkable leap forward for the club.

1st F50, Anna Smith, finishes strongly

The achievements at the club have drawn admiration from others throughout the season. The team spirit is exceptional and we celebrate every runner’s achievement. Thanks to those who put on an excellent race at Temple Newsam and to the WYWL organisers for their hard work. Thanks also to Graham Cecil Halstead for the excellent photos.


Some of the team before the race. Thanks to Bev Morritt for the photo.


WYWL Results: Temple Newsam


2nd Mopen Williams Chris M 2
3rd Mopen Collinge Tom M 3
Galt Alistair M 25
5th M45 Dovernor Andy M45 32
3rd M50 Coe Mick M50 33
1st M55 Firth Martin M55 36
Clare Ben M 40
1st M60 Hughes Peter M60 42
Hunt David M 53
Brook Richard M40 68
Heron Carl M50 69
Fielding Matt M35 70
Newberry Richard M 75
Thornton Matt M 76
Rhodes Graham M50 89
Robinson Philip M50 93
1st F50 Smith Anna F50 13
3rd F45 Cleal Stacey F45 17
Gibbons Peter M50 128
Hipwell Lee M40 138
Robinson Lynne F 26
3rd M65 Jowett Graham M65 153
Rushworth Chris M50 157
Lindsay-Yule Anthony M 161
Windle Neil M40 168
Hipwell Zoe F35 48
Thornton Glenn M60 181
Hepworth Julie F40 54
4th M65 Thomas Simon M65 185
Jack Darren M 188
Kendall Rachel F 65
David Hepworth M45 193
Hanson Chris M35 199
Simpson Dianne F50 78
Smith Andrew M45 201
Loughran Sharan F45 83
Morritt Gary M50 205
Stacey Cleal, 3rd F45
Rachel Kendall
Andy Dovernor, 5th M45, just edges Mick Coe, 3rd M50

Parkrun Results: 16/01/2016

This week saw 15 Queensbury RC runners participate at 3 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB
Stacey Cleal Bradford parkrun 26:48 137th +04:05
Sharan Loughran Bradford parkrun 28:54 202nd -00:33
Claire Marshall-Swales Bradford parkrun 33:19 281st -00:55
Michelle Greenwood Bradford parkrun 34:30 303rd +04:47
Michael Coe Horton Park parkrun 19:37 2nd -01:06
Richard Brook Horton Park parkrun 20:49 5th -00:04
Stephen Brook Horton Park parkrun 26:04 15th +01:53
Craig Hawes Horton Park parkrun 26:39 17th +01:11
Rachel Kendall Horton Park parkrun 27:00 18th +01:36
Rob Glover Horton Park parkrun 28:39 23rd +01:43
Maria Keating Horton Park parkrun 35:00 40th First time!
Gurjit Kaur Horton Park parkrun 37:30 45th +03:56
Julie Hepworth Oakwell Hall parkrun 27:15 81st First time!
David Hepworth Oakwell Hall parkrun 27:48 88th First time!
Lynn Hil Oakwell Hall parkrun 37:01 192nd First time!

Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Well done to Lynn Hil for making her first Parkrun reappearance after 25 weeks. Will we see you next Saturday?
  • Well done to Michael Coe for beating his previous PB by an impressive 66 seconds!
  • Stacey Cleal has run the most Parkruns without missing a single week, with 11 consecutive runs. Can she keep hold of this title?!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 4 runners who achieved a PB.

Parkrun Results: 19/12/2015

This week saw 11 Queensbury RC runners participate at 3 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB?
Anna Smith Bradford parkrun 22:36 25th Yes!
Stacey Cleal Bradford parkrun 23:13 35th
Gurjit Kaur Bradford parkrun 33:26 185th
Richard Brook Halifax parkrun 21:39 9th
Glenn Thornton Halifax parkrun 25:34 25th Yes!
Joanne Fortune Halifax parkrun 25:37 26th
Julie Hepworth Halifax parkrun 26:11 31st
Simon Thomas Halifax parkrun 26:51 33rd
Sharan Loughran Halifax parkrun 28:28 38th
Rob Glover Halifax parkrun 29:24 42nd
Dianne Simpson Horton Park parkrun 29:55 25th

Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Sharan Loughran has run the most Parkruns without missing a single week, with 13 consecutive runs. Can she keep hold of this title?!
  • Julie Hepworth has run her 30th Parkrun. Keep it up!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 2 runners who achieved a PB.

WYWL Race 1@Dewsbury (13th December 2015)



A club record of 31 runners turned out for the 1st race in the West Yorkshire Cross Country League on Sunday 13th December. The first fixture at Stainland was postponed due to torrential rain in the days before and the skies opened again on the day before the Dewsbury race. The course was very muddy with some tough climbs and tricky descents. Congratulations to everyone who took part. Many runners were participating in the WYWL for the first time. The support for everyone was fantastic with many of those who had already crossed the line stayed on to cheer on the rest of the team as they rushed for the line.


First home for QRC was Tom Collinge in 9th. Tom comfortably in 4th place at the end of the final climb but he took a wrong turn in the woods and slipped a few places. It was still a fine run Tom! The male vets competed amongst themselves for the next QRC places. Mick Coe timed his move to perfection and just edged past Martin Firth and Peter Hughes. Jo Horan was the first female home for Queensbury coming home in 10th place. Anna Smith crossed the line soon after and Stacey Cleal came in in 23rd place.


The outstanding team performance on the day was the Female team (4th overall). The Male team was 6th, the Vets team 7th and the overall position at the end of the first race is 5th. There is much to look forward to at the second race in Idle on January 3rd.


The quality of the Queensbury veteran runners was again evident with four absolutely fantastic age-category wins (Anna Smith, Martin Firth, Peter Hughes and Graham Jowett). Jo Horan and Stacey Cleal were 3rd and 4th in their respective categories and Mick Coe was 5th in the exceptional M50 group.


Well done to all. A real credit to Queensbury Running Club and living proof of the great strides the club has made in the last year.


1st Male Mounsey (Stainland) Ben MOpen M
9th Male Collinge Tom Mopen M
1st Female Seager (Stainland) Tanya F40 F
39th Male Coe Mick M50 5th M50
41st Male Firth Martin M55 1st M55
42nd Male Hughes Peter M60 1st M60
50th Male Dovenor Andy M45 M
65th Male Fielding Matt M35 M
80th Male Robinson Philip M50 M
82nd Male Rhodes Graham M50 M
90th Male Thornton Matt Mopen M
93rd Male Newberry Richard Mopen M
10th Female Horan Joanne F35 3rd F35
12th Female Smith Anna F50 1st F50
131st Male Jowett Graham M65 1st M65
142nd Male Hipwell Lee M40 M
23rd Female Cleal Stacey F45 4th F45
147th Male Rushworth Chris M50 M
155th Male Lister Darren M40 M
39th Female Rhodes Maria F35 F
179th Male Brighouse-Johnson Chris MOpen M
51st Female Hipwell Zoe F35 F
186th Male David Hepworth M45 M
187th Male Moore Daniel Mopen M
56th Female Hepworth Julie F40 F
194th Male Thornton Glenn M60 M
196th Male Jack Darren Mopen M
197th Male Thomas Simon M65 M
69th Female Kendall Rachel Fopen F
73rd Female Loughran Sharan F45 F
74th Female Simpson Dianne F50 F
205th Male Smith Andrew M45 M
88th Female Robinson Jo Open M

Parkrun Results: 12/12/2015

This week saw 10 Queensbury RC runners participate at 4 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB?
Stacey Cleal Bradford parkrun 23:40 32nd
Dianne Simpson Bradford parkrun 30:10 151st
Gurjit Kaur Bradford parkrun 32:36 173rd
Michelle Greenwood Bradford parkrun 38:29 204th
Michael Coe Halifax parkrun 23:18 18th
Sharan Loughran Halifax parkrun 29:12 36th
Richard Brook Horton Park parkrun 21:43 4th
Stephen Brook Horton Park parkrun 26:13 11th
Rob Glover Horton Park parkrun 28:49 19th
Stephen Wilby Oakwell Hall parkrun 28:35 47th

Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Well done to Michelle Greenwood and Dianne Simpson for making their first Parkrun reappearance after 6 weeks. Will we see you next Saturday?
  • Sharan Loughran has run the most Parkruns without missing a single week, with 12 consecutive runs. Can she keep hold of this title?!

Well done to all that took part.

Parkrun Results: 14/11/2015

This week saw 15 Queensbury RC runners participate at 4 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB?
Stacey Cleal Bradford parkrun 23:44 42nd
Bronte Simpson Bradford parkrun 28:56 146th Yes!
Andrew Stott Halifax parkrun 19:52 5th
Michael Coe Halifax parkrun 20:25 7th
Richard Brook Halifax parkrun 20:46 8th Yes!
Neil Windle Halifax parkrun 24:39 22nd
Glenn Thornton Halifax parkrun 25:53 34th
Julie Hepworth Halifax parkrun 26:17 37th Yes!
David Hepworth Halifax parkrun 26:38 39th
Sharan Loughran Halifax parkrun 27:58 45th
Charlotte Wilkinson Halifax parkrun 29:11 48th
Steve Searle Horton Park parkrun 21:20 5th
Craig Hawes Horton Park parkrun 25:29 21st Yes!
Chris Hanson Horton Park parkrun 25:35 22nd
Stephen Wilby South Bank parkrun 28:14 148th

Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Well done to Bronte Simpson for making her first Parkrun reappearance after 12 weeks. Will we see you next Saturday?
  • Sharan Loughran has run the most Parkruns without missing a single week, with 8 consecutive runs. Can she keep hold of this title?!
    • This record was previously held by Stephen Brook, who managed 12 weeks without a break.
  • Craig Hawes has run his 20th Parkrun. Keep it up!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 4 runners who achieved a PB.

Parkrun Results 07/11/2015

This week saw 19 Queensbury RC runners participate at 6 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB?
Peter May Bradford 21:56 24th
Stacey Cleal Bradford 23:50 52nd
Andrew Tempest-Mitchell Bradford 28:15 137th
Carrie Baker Bradford 49:31 288th
Stephen Wilby Dunedin 30:28 37th
David Hunt Halifax 18:29 2nd
Michael Coe Halifax 19:42 4th Yes!
Andrew Stott Halifax 20:09 5th
Ben Charlesworth Halifax 21:49 14th Yes!
David Hepworth Halifax 26:36 48th Yes!
Julie Hepworth Halifax 26:38 49th Yes!
Glenn Thornton Halifax 26:45 50th
Sharan Loughran Halifax 28:21 55th
Matt Thornton Halifax 39:25 81st
Martin John Firth Horton Park 19:43 2nd
Chris Hanson Horton Park 26:27 18th
Craig Hawes Horton Park 26:33 19th
Stephen Brook Huddersfield 25:17 140th
Gurjit Kaur Reading 32:39 162nd Yes!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 5 runners who achieved a PB. Steven Wilby again wins the award for the most exotic course, running at Dunedin Botanic Garden in New Zealand, which is a cool 11,789 miles away – phew!

Beefy’s Nab and Airedale Athletics Offroad Trophy

Mick coe wharfdale half 2
Mick Coe at the Wharfedale Half Marathon in June

Congratulations to Mick Coe, who has won the Airedale Athletics Offroad Trophy for the summer season.  After running six tough races including the Wharfedale Half Marathon and Pendle Three Peaks he consolidated his win with sixth place at Beefy’s Nab on 20 September.  It was no easy victory, with fewer than 70 points separating the leading three at the finish.  Matt Fielding, Stacey Cleal, Lee Hipwell and Anna Smith were also among the first ten individual league runners and Queensbury finished a good third in the team league behind Baildon and Saltaire Striders.  In all 17 Queensbury runners put the team points together, a terrific turnout for some beautiful but challenging events.

Five Queensbury runners took part in Beefy’s Nab, short but with a hard climb at the start and a rough descent to the finish.  Declan Craven was in third place at the top of the Nab, finishing an excellent fifth overall.  Matt Fielding was just outside the top ten in 11th place after the rigours of the the Yorkshireman marathon the previous weekend.  Stacey Cleal at 18th narrowly missed a category prize and Abbie Cleal (24th) ran a good confident race to finish minutes ahead of her 2014 time.

Full results for Beefy’s Nab are here.

The final points for the Airedale Athletics Off-Road Summer Challenge are here.

If you do any of the Airedale Athletics offroad fixtures your points are automatically added to the individual and team league tables.  These are the first fixtures for the winter season – there will be about 15 between October and March so you can choose events that suit you and your best six scores count.  More details will be out soon but meanwhile please check online for information including kit requirements.


Sun 11/10/2015 Withins Skyline
Sat 24/10/2015 Pain Barrier
Sat 24/10/2015 Great Whernside
Sun 01/11/2015 Cop Hill
Sun 08/11/2015 Wadsworth Half Trog


Tour of Norland Moor

©Simon Higginbottom http://www.northerngallery.co.uk
©Simon Higginbottom

Four QRC members joined a small cohort of 87 for the Tour of Norland Moor on Sunday. Congratulations to Stacey who was the 3rd placed female runner and 1st in the F45 category. All those long training runs are paying off. After a niggling injury, Mick had a good run and he was only 30 seconds behind last year’s time. Matt was not far behind and Mary, recovering from illness, came in just over the hour.


The men’s race was won by Rob James (Royton Road Runners) in 37.51. The women’s race was won by Stainland Lions’ Tanya Seager in 40.21. Tanya was placed 6th overall and is running so well that only the best male runners can beat her in her current form.


Position Name Time
22 Mick Coe 46.24 (2nd M50)
28 Matt Fielding 47.30
47 Stacey Cleal 53.03 (3rd Female and 1st F45)
73 Mary Saunders 62.32


The 10K Tour of Norland Moor fell/trail race is organized by Halifax Harriers and is a category BM race (according to the FRA, a category B race should average not less than 25 metres climb per kilometer and should not have more than 30% of the race distance on road; the M stands for Medium distance of 10-20 km).

The full results can be found here.

Updated Airedale Athletics points are here.  As the season enters its final month Mick has a narrow lead in the individual points table with Lee Hipwell and Matt Fielding also among the first ten runners. Many congratulations.