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Ilkley Triathlon

Three Queensbury ladies took on the challenge of the Ilkley Triathlon last weekend  the three disciplines  Swim 500m- Bike 14.5 km and the Run 4.8 km takes a lot of preparation and effort on the day to complete  all three finished fantastic effort great achievement well done from all the club members.

First home for Queensbury was.

Position      Cat                 Female        Swim            Bike        Run      Finish Time

Zoe Hipwell                                  244th          F30 18th       56th              10.55            47.35     26.29   1.29.23

Diane Simpson                            303rd           F50 18th       87th               14.50           53.29     31.32   1.45.57

Bronte Simpson                           308th            FJ     5th        92nd              14.51           53.38      33.22   1.47.25


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