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Park Run Results 3/10/15

Another great turn out this weekend at the local  park runs  from Queensbury Running Club with more PBs and a monthly prize winner Stacey Cleal.

Bradford Park Run .results.

Name                                           Time                                    Position                       PB

Peter May                                    21.31                                   33rd

Stacey Cleal                               23.38                                   76th    5th F                PB     Monthly Park Run Prize Winner

Abbie Cleal                                 24.57                                   117th  14th F

Rob Glover                                  27.01                                   184th                          PB

Andrew Tempest Mitchell         28.20                                    216th

Total Runners 455.


Horton Park

Carl Heron                                  20.05                                    3rd                                PB

Richard Brook                            20.53                                    5th                                PB

Stephen Brook                           24.11                                    14th                              PB

Glen Thornton                            27.41                                    25th

Total Runners  77


Halifax Shroggs Park

Sharan   Loughran                   28.36                                     47th    11th F

Total Runners 101

Well done to everyone.





Parkrun Results: 23/05/2015

This week saw 10 Queensbury RC runners participate at 3 different courses. Next week, Bradford will see another Parkrun course added to its portfolio – Horton Park. The course should provide a good challenge as runners make their way 3.5 times around the undulating course. Well done to all that took part.

Name Course Time Position
Stacey Cleal Bradford 25:36 112th
Abbie Cleal Bradford 26:09 134th
Declan Craven Bradford 26:09 135th
Bronte Simpson Bradford 29:35 229th
Sharan Loughran Bradford 30:09 250th
Andrew Smith Bradford 31:55 286th
Dianne Simpson Bradford 32:06 296th
Michelle Baird Bradford 38:18 396th
Ben Charlesworth Halifax 23:56 27th
Gurjit Kaur Reading 32:43 270th