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Strava Segment Challenge #4

This week’s results for “Pavement on sprint” – https://www.strava.com/segments/7410683

How many goes did you have Neil … ?

02:15 Lynne Robinson (PR & CR)
02:19 Andrew Stott (PR & 7th overall)
02:30 Neil Windle QRC (2nd best)
02:32 Lynn Hurst (PR & 2nd overall)
02:37 Phillip Whettlock QRC
02:45 Andy young (PR)
02:57 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR & 5th overall)
03:43 Sharon Elliott QRC (3rd best)
03:51 Phil Lee (PR)
05:17 Andy Smith
??:?? Andrew Paterson (Garmin fail)

Winter Championship 2019/20 UPDATE

This years champs was originally planned as 13 races with your best 6 to count, after careful consideration the organiser has just left the latest Covid19 meeting and the following will now apply.

With the last 2 races cancelled results will now be taken over 11 races with your best 5 to count, age graded as usual with male and female trophies for the winners.

With a turnout topping last year’s championship over 80 members took part in at least 1 race.

Thankyou for your participation this year and hopefully come October we can have a full schedule for next season.

Should you have a race in mind that you’d like to be included please let me know over the next few months. Suggestions should be sent to Neil.

TTFN enjoy your Easter


Strava Segment Challenge #2

Gary’s Hill – https://www.strava.com/segments/19313249

This week’s results – assuming nobody is going to give it a go in the next couple of hours …

00:42 Paul Greenwood (PR & CR!)
00:52 Andy Young (PR & =7th overall)
00:52 Andrew Stott (PR & =7th overall)
00:55 Phillip Whettlock QRC (3rd best)
00:56 Andrew Paterson (PR)
00:57 Tom Collinge
01:01 Neil Windle QRC (PR)
01:02 Richard Brook (PR)
01:11 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR)
01:14 Stacey Cleal

Phillip, Coaching Coordinator

Strava Segment Challenge #1

Old Guy Road Charge – https://www.strava.com/segments/8372029

First one was a bit of an experiment, and had to do some digging around to get the list below – apologies if I’ve missed you!

3:40 Andy Young (PR & 8th overall)
3:53 Neil Windle QRC (PR)
3:55 Andrew Paterson (PR)
4:11 Phillip Whettlock QRC (2nd best)
4:11 Lynn Hurst (PR & 3rd overall)
4:25 Richard Brook (2nd best)
4:48 Peter Hughes (3rd best)
4:51 Joanne Fortune QRC
4:56 Rob Glover (2nd best)
5:13 Adrian Stanley (2nd best)
5:40 Peter Wood (PR)
6:35 Zoe Hipwell QRC
8:18 Andrew Stott


Dear Members, it is with a heavy heart that in light of a recent statement from England Athletics, we have decided to suspend all club runs starting immediately up until the end of April at least. We understand this is disappointing news for club runs. If you organise your runs please be aware these will be at your own risk and not be endorsed by the club. Full statement from EA below. Stay safe everyone.