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Airedale Athletics Off-Road Summer Challenge


With the first two fixtures run Stacey Cleal is the leading individual runner for Queensbury after placing well in her category in the first Bunny Run at Haworth.  Declan Craven and Abbie Cleal both ran well in the same race against very competitive junior fields, while Mick Coe and Lee Hipwell showed good early season form at the Meanwood Valley Trail.

Runner Club  Points
Ian Hartman Baildon 1701
Gareth Holme Baildon 1680
Amy Francis Skyrac 983
Tracy Foy Saltaire 978
George Dey Skyrac 973
Kirstie Holmes Saltaire 929
Chris Dove Skyrac 913
Stacey Cleal Queensbury 912
Stuart Dunbar Saltaire 894
Neil Fairburn Baildon 893

As the summer starts Queensbury are fourth in the team league.  The full points listings at this stage are here.

Next come the Stainland Bluebell Trail (3 May), a tough Joker race offering double points, the shorter but very scenic Over the Odda (16 May) and a fell race in the Dales, the Austwick Amble on 25 May.Very good luck if you are planning to run!

Bunny Runs

The individual Bunny Runs are a series of three individual fell races, approximately 4.8 km in length with around 100 metres of climbing.

Bunny Run #1

Bunny Run #1 set off in cold and blustery conditions. Three of our Queensbury runners were there to tackle the hilly course.

  • Declan Craven being the first home for Queensbury, who ran a great time of 20.08 and was 36th overall.
  • Stacy Cleal was the first female home for the club in a time of 26.56 and 170th overall.
  • Abby Cleal was the second female home for the club in a time of 28.35 and was 188th overall.

Bunny Run #2

  • Bunny Run #2 set off in much better conditions, with the sun shining down on Penistone Hill.
  • Tom Collinge was first home for Queensbury in a time of 16.45 and was 13th overall.
  • Declan Craven was the second male for the club and ran a time of 21.03 and was 99th overall.
  • Stacy Cleal was the first female home for the club in a time of 25.20 and was 201st overall.
  • Abby Cleal was the second female home for the club and ran a time of 25.28 and was 204th overall.
  • Steve Wilby was the 3rd male home for the club in a time of 29.01 and was 266th overall.

Bunny Run #3

The conditions were favourable for the third and final run of the Bunny Run series, with the sun again shining down on its participants.

  • Tom Collinge improved his time and position with a time of 16.32 and was 11th overall.


Well done to all the Queensbury runners who took part in this series. I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your Cadbury’s Creme Egg reward!

Airedale Athletics Off-Road Challenge

Winter Challenge

At the end of the winter season Queensbury were second of the six Airedale Athletics clubs with only Baildon on a higher score.  Mick Coe, Peter Hughes and Lee Hipwell were all among the top ten individuals – great running on some really tough courses.


Emma Stoney Baildon 6332
Ian Hartman Baildon 6316
Rob Myers Baildon 5449
Kate Walter Baildon 5396
Jim Goddard Baildon 5073
Mick Coe Queensbury 5002
Linda Carey Baildon 4966
Peter Hughes Queensbury 4922
Neil Fairburn Baildon 4766
Lee Hipwell Queensbury 4323

You can download the full winter results here.

Summer Challenge

The fixtures are up for the summer season beginning this week with the first Bunny Run at Haworth.  These sprints are a brilliant way to start the spring and there is plenty to enjoy after the race.  Then a whole summer of offroad running to look forward to …


31/03/2015 Bunny Run 1 http://www.woodentops.org.uk/index.php?topic=bunny
18/04/2015 Meanwood Valley Trail http://www.valleystriders.org.uk/trail.htm
03/05/2015 Bluebell Trail Joker http://www.stainlandlions.com/
16/05/2015 Over the Odda https://bookitzone.com/emma_stoney/nz2FFX
25/05/2015 Austwick Amble http://austwick.org/fell-race-2014/
06/06/2015 Wharfedale Off-Road Half Marathon Joker http://www.wharfedalemarathonevents.com/
20/06/2015 Reservoir Bogs http://www.cvfr.co.uk/races/reservoir-bogs/
28/06/2015 Millennium Relay (team points) http://saltairestriders.org.uk/site/bradford-millennium-way-relay/
11/07/2015 Baildon Canter http://baildonrunners.co.uk/#/carnival-canter/4533727598
15/07/2015 Widdop Joker http://www.cvfr.co.uk/races/widdop/
19/07/2015 Holme Moss Joker http://www.holmfirthharriers.com/joomla-pages-iii/category-list/26-fell/651-event-information
22/08/2015 Pendle 3 Peaks http://cannonballevents.co.uk/pendle-3-peaks/
30/08/2015 Tour of Norland Moor http://www.halifaxharriers.co.uk/club/club-races/tour-of-norland-moor/
13/09/2015 Yorkshireman Off-Road Half Marathon Joker http://kcac.co.uk/kcac-events/yorkshireman/
13/09/2015 Yorkshireman Off-Road Marathon Joker http://kcac.co.uk/kcac-events/yorkshireman/
20/09/2015 Beefy’s Nab http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=3796


Bunny Run 3

QRC had 8 bunnies in action on Tuesday 16th – Chris, Darren, Ben, Peter, Graham, Hannah, Mick and SteveW – gale force winds, blinding sun and  a near death experience hampered some more than others! Results for QRC bunnies now on the results page and full results on Woodentops website.