Strava Segment Challenge #8

Got to mention the fab runs by Andy & Lynn on Thu – great stuff but, sadly, in the wrong direction…

So, fantastic effort to put their shoes back on this morning, for a second shot, and do even better. Well done both!

04:41 Andrew Stott (PR & 4th overall)
05:12 Neil Windle QRC (PR)
05:19 Richard Brook (PR)
05:22 Lynn Hurst (PR & CR)
05:27 Phillip Whettlock QRC
05:31 Andrew Paterson (PR)
05:33 Lee Beavers (PR)
05:45 Stacey Cleal (PR & 6th overall)
05:48 Jonathan Mason QRC
06:17 Andy young (2nd best)
06:33 Rob Glover (PR)
06:36 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR)
07:09 Dan Holt QRC (PR)
07:09 graham rhodes
07:10 Joanna Lockwood Team Hopey ACU
07:49 Pauline Naylor
08:01 Jane Skudder