Strava Segment Challenge #10

Well done to everyone who had a go at this week’s segment, on what I’m sure are pretty tired legs.

Special mention to Andy Young for being quick off the mark …

Mon @ 07:23 I created the Strava Segment Challenge
Mon @ 07:28 Andy heads off running towards Shelf!

04:56 Peter Hughes (PR)
05:19 Andy young (PR)
05:22 Andrew Paterson (PR)
05:41 Phillip Whettlock QRC (PR)
05:51 Richard Brook
06:36 Phil Lee (PR)
06:49 Richard Kent
06:51 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR)
07:21 Rob Glover (2nd best)
07:42 Michelle Greenwood
08:25 Glenn Thornton QRC.
09:43 Dan Holt QRC
10:57 Helen Trevisani
14:56 Joanne Punt