Strava Segment Challenge #1

Old Guy Road Charge –

First one was a bit of an experiment, and had to do some digging around to get the list below – apologies if I’ve missed you!

3:40 Andy Young (PR & 8th overall)
3:53 Neil Windle QRC (PR)
3:55 Andrew Paterson (PR)
4:11 Phillip Whettlock QRC (2nd best)
4:11 Lynn Hurst (PR & 3rd overall)
4:25 Richard Brook (2nd best)
4:48 Peter Hughes (3rd best)
4:51 Joanne Fortune QRC
4:56 Rob Glover (2nd best)
5:13 Adrian Stanley (2nd best)
5:40 Peter Wood (PR)
6:35 Zoe Hipwell QRC
8:18 Andrew Stott