Solstice Saunter 21st June 2017

A sociable summer five-mile run/race following the trails of the breathtaking Bolton Abbey, and run by the Airedale Dodgers in conjunction with Sue Ryder as a fundraising event for Manorlands Hospice. Sponsored by Airedale Shopping Centre and CHN Financial consultancy meaning all entry fee money would go straight to the Manorlands Hospice.

15 of us took on the circular route of five miles which  starts from the Cavendish Pavilion car park and follows a clockwise loop up through the Strid Wood to Barden Bridge, then back through the grounds to the pavilion. With it’s undulating  gravel tracks added to the hot, muggy weather it certainly proved to be a tester for the serious and fun runner alike. 

16th Neil Windle 37:09

89th Darren Jack 44:53

112th Glenn Thornton 46:45

158th Shelley Ferneyhough 49:04

220th Michelle Greenwood 50:52

231th Sharon Elliot 50:28

245th Dan Moore 52:15

289th Sonya Tetley 54:05

346th Helen Trevisani 55:47

367th Sharan Loughran 56:54

473rd Maria Keating 1:01:42

499th Garjit Kaur 1:03:00

568th Michelle Chew 1:07:53

571 Julie Bauer 1:07:55

584th Lucy Yeomans 1:09:27

635th Jo Bottomley 1:21:39

636th Lynn Hill 1:21:39


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