Coaching Coordinator

Current Roleholder:  Phillip Whettlock


The coaching coordinator will set up a vibrant coaching structure, to assist athletes to improve their performances; arrange mentors to support coaches to progress to the level they aspire to; and recruit new coaches.

Person specification

It is desirable for a Coaching Coordinator to be:

  • As highly qualified as possible – preferably ‘Level 2’ or above, or new ‘athletics coach’ qualification
  • Willing to be UK Athletics CRB checked

Typical responsibilities:

A Coaching Coordinator, with the support of the club committee, has the responsibility to:

  • Set up an appropriate coaching structure for the club, based on its’ size and focus
  • Identify any gaps in the structure
  • Resolve gaps by encouraging coach development within the club
  • Hold coach sub-committee meetings or forums to discuss coaching issues
  • Keep up to date with the new UKA Coach Education Programme
  • Advise coaches, and potential coaches, when and where appropriate coach education courses are taking place
  • Liaise with the England Athletics regional development manager to request courses in your club or Network of clubs based on need
  • Liaise with your club welfare officer to ensure all coaches are CRB checked and aware of the new vetting and barring procedures
  • Develop links with coaching coordinators in neighbouring clubs and share good practice


The highest running club in England, probably.