Race to the Stones 13Th July 2019

The Race to the Stones is a 100K fully supported run/walk, all the way from Oxfordshire to the neolithic monument in Avebury. You can break it into two days with an overnight stop at the basecamp, or the more extreme can take it on in one go!

Also available was a 50km route on either the Saturday or Sunday with the course open from 7.30am until 10pm each day.

Time for a history lesson.

Field of Dreams’

One of the true highlights – fondly coined the ‘field of dreams’ by participants, and when you get there you’ll see why. This is a crop field that surprises us every year by blooming with different colours. After weaving your way through the woodlands, this is a breath-taking sight to come out to. It’s definitely one of those moments to stop to take in the incredible view. A firm favourite and a great photo opportunity.

The White Horse at Uffington

The White Horse is a highly stylized prehistoric hill figure, 110m long formed from deep trenches filled with crushed white chalk. The figure is believed to date to the Iron Age or the late Bronze Age based on the similarity of the horse’s design to comparable figures in Celtic art. It was confirmed following an excavation where deposits of fine silt removed from the horse’s ‘beak’ were scientifically dated to the late Bronze Age.

Avebury Stone Circle

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Ridgeway. This is the largest stone circle in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The immense task of constructing this site spanned about 500 years, starting around 2500BC. The irregularly shaped stones come from Marlborough Downs, a few miles from where they were set up in the henge, and were transported here with great effort though it’s still unclear why.

Well done to Jennifer Luwaji who took part representing Queensbury, what an awesome achievement Jen and the club is really proud of your 50km effort, it certainly looks like a tough event.

Well done.