General races

Each weekend races take place across the country. Our members will usually be attending a race most weekends.

The links below provide access to excellent race calendars

For road & trail races have a look at

And for Fell Races the FRA provides a full calendar

As well as the races and events listed on the above calendars, we also enter into other competitions.

The YVAA (Yorkshire Vets Athletics Association) put on a competition where points are scored and added up over a season, 8 – 10 races. There are individual prizes, broken down into age categories as well as team points up for grabs. You can find out the latest results, the next race and more information on their website.

The WYWL (West Yorkshire Winter League) is a cross country series held each winter. Over several races each runner scores points based on their finishing position, these are then totalled up at each race for the various clubs and a league table style format shows the results. These are fast, fun and muddy races generally in and around woods and parks. More information including results and fixtures can be found on their website.

The highest running club in England, probably.