..Queensbury is flat????..Sure is..on t’Mountain top!!

We had yet another excellent display of enthusiastic and mutually supportive running from everyone in our 24-strong group yesterday evening…perhaps the fact that the selected routes were relatively flatĀ  contributed in some part!!!! Even the weather stopped its recent foulness to “admire”!! Our Higher and Lower Intermediate groups ran “out and back” (4 miles in total) – the turnaround point being the top of notorious Windy Bank Lane for the Lower Intermediates, and the top of Swalesmoor Road for the Higher group – Windy bank Lane is definitely on the menu for these groups before long, such has been their tremendous progress! Our 14 strong “Novice” group had a 2.5 mile tour of the Mountain and Foxhill areas of the village – lovely and flat, believe it or not!!! – and quite peaceful! Super efforts were put in by everyone in all three groups! Very well done to all!!