QRC Virual 5k Race (Jan/Feb 2021)

Firstly a special thanks to Glenn Thornton for setting up our virtual 5k, a bit of fun he said (yeah whatever Glenn), the idea was to invite our members to sign up for the event and then Glenn would sort each member into groups of 7 per team equally and fairly on their given 5k predicted time, each team was also allocated a team leader.

So well done to the 28 members who did sign up giving Glenn an easy start, the race started and finished at the rugby club and the idea was that the each teams leader would send their 1st runner off on one day then each member would complete their race on the following consecutive days, unfortunately the Queensbury weather played its part and Glenn managed to get the race licence extended with RunBritain to allow us to have over 5 weeks to complete finishing on the 14th Feb.

The winning team was the ‘Relay-istic Winners’ consisting of Mick Coe, Chris Hilliam, Jo Fortune, Graham Rhodes, Laura Taylor, Zoe Hipwell and Jane Passey.

A prize for the winning team was a free 40 minute physio session with Terri Mason for each member (thankyou Terri), Mick Coe and Terri also won a bottle of beer from Glenn’s vast stash for the fastest final sprint to the finish line.

Well done to all and we can look forward to the next one soon.