Pre-Xmas Success!!!!!…and Post-Xmas Training!!

We had 4 representatives at the Bradford Airedale club’s 4 mile road handicap race, last Sunday December 21- Dianne and Brontë Simpson, Maria Rhodes, and myself (Martin). The handicapper based our staggered setting off times on this year’s race form, so, in theory, we should all have crossed the finish line together! Well..the event was won …by DIANNE!!!!!! Huge congratulations to her!!..Maria came 3rd, brilliantly holding me off at the finish (legally!) – I was 4th – and Brontë came in very strongly not many metres at all behind me in 6th – had she been aware of me closing her down, I’m certain she would have held me off!!!! This was great day for our club, and spoke volumes for our Beginners’ Group – the event reflected the superb progression we see, week in week out, within it. Well done Brontë, Maria and Dianne!…you did us proud!

AND….today, Boxing Day, we had ELEVEN of our Beginners Group come along for training!!…maybe to escape the kitchen/husband/kids??!!….NO!!!!…NEVER!!!! …to end the year on a high note  with some serious training! Our main group ran a summer favourite…down to Keelham Corner, down Thornton Road, Great North Trail (did anyone come across the ghost of “Fair Becca”, whilst crossing Thornton Viaduct!!?), and the delightfully rural, if somewhat notoriously hilly, Pit Lane! Our novice group (who have improved out of all sight since summer ended) ran down Pit Lane onto Thornton Viaduct, then did the route in reverse up to the clubhouse…some action pics are on our Facebook page, “Queensbury Running Club Beginners’ Group”…please visit and “like” if you have not done so already!


Merry Christmas!!