Podium 5k Barrowford 1st Dec 2018

The podium 5k is a fast race in Barrowford, Lancashire especially for people to run fast times, the men’s course record is currently 14:05 for a road 5k and there is a £250 prize for anyone who runs faster than that. There is an A race and a B race, the A race is for sub 18.00 minute 5k runners, achieved this year, and the B race is an open race.

Steve Brook made the journey to the dark side and mixed it up with some top class level athletes, with the 1st 38 places coming in at the sub 16min mark and the 1st 8 finishers in sub 15min, the winner triumphed in a remarkable 14:33 PB.

Steve, running in the B race hoping for a PB of his own finished with seasons best of 24:46 (according to runbritain).

Well done Steve top class running