Plusnet Leeds Half Marathon

Also on Sunday was the Plusnet Leeds Half Marathon. We had quite a good turn of runner for this race.

The sun was shinning and although it felt quite nice waiting for the race to start art 9:30am it was suffocating towards the end of the race.

The race is on the road, starts on the Headroom and passes through Meanwood, Westwood, Hawksworth and then back to Leeds City centre via Kirkstall Abbey.

Please see the photo for the results but as an overview:
Martin Firth – 1:25:39
Carl Heron – 1:30:27
Matt Thornton – 1:38:06 (I ran on behalf of Richard Newberry as he’s broken his leg)
Maria Rhodes – 1:45:04
Chris Rushworth – 1:45:38
Anthony Lindsay-Yule – 1:52:33
Julie Hepworth – 1:56:54
Daniel Moore – 2:00:30
Rachel Kendall – 2:02:12
Joanne Fortune – 2:05:35
Sharan Loughran – 2:21:33
Shelley Ferneyhough – 2:25:40

Well done every one that ran. Very good times in very hot weather.



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