Parkrun Results: 17/09/2016

This week saw 26 Queensbury RC runners participate at 6 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB
David Hunt Bradford parkrun 17:41 1st -00:24
Andrew Dovernor Bradford parkrun 19:30 5th +00:31
Lynne Robinson Bradford parkrun 20:16 13th -01:45
Stacey Cleal Bradford parkrun 22:59 54th +00:16
Darren Lister Bradford parkrun 25:27 112th +04:46
Michelle Greenwood Bradford parkrun 33:52 330th +04:31
Jodie Ansell Bradford parkrun 34:36 347th -00:57
Jayne Passey Bradford parkrun 34:51 351st +01:21
Sue Tozer Brighouse parkrun 28:46 161st First time!
Lynn Hil Brighouse parkrun 35:41 266th First time!
Lee Shaw Halifax parkrun 18:28 2nd -00:10
Michael Coe Halifax parkrun 20:39 6th +01:33
Gary Morritt Halifax parkrun 26:05 41st -00:24
Joanne Wood Halifax parkrun 29:22 67th -01:07
Craig Richardson Halifax parkrun 29:55 72nd +07:59
Lucy Reynolds Halifax parkrun 30:35 78th -00:17
Sharan Loughran Halifax parkrun 37:18 109th +10:13
Imran Asghar Horton Park parkrun 19:26 1st +00:00
Simon Brady Horton Park parkrun 22:20 9th +02:06
Leanne Alston Horton Park parkrun 25:09 21st +00:25
Rob Glover Horton Park parkrun 27:09 23rd +00:13
Helen Trevisani Horton Park parkrun 28:41 26th +00:06
Craig Smith Horton Park parkrun 30:42 33rd +01:36
Gurjit Kaur Horton Park parkrun 31:13 36th -00:08
Stephen Wilby Oakwell Hall parkrun 27:20 101st +00:24
Stephen Brook Skipton parkrun 24:55 60th -00:21

Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Congratulations to Imran Asghar for coming in first place at the Horton Park parkrun. This is his 1st first-place finish at a Parkrun!
  • Congratulations to David Hunt for coming in first place at the Bradford parkrun. This is his 6th first-place finish at a Parkrun!
  • This week sees the club have its biggest total turnout at the Parkruns – 26 members!
  • Well done to Lynne Robinson for making her first Parkrun reappearance after 12 weeks. Will we see you next Saturday?
  • Well done to Joanne Wood for beating her previous PB by an impressive 67 seconds!
  • Well done to Lynne Robinson for beating her previous PB by an impressive 105 seconds!
  • Well done to Jodie Ansell for beating her previous PB by an impressive 57 seconds!
  • Gurjit Kaur has run the most Parkruns without missing a single week, with 6 consecutive runs. Can she keep hold of this title?!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 9 runners who have achieved a PB