Parkrun Results: 12/03/2016

This week saw 18 Queensbury RC runners participate at 6 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB
Neil Windle Albert parkrun, Melbourne 22:58 74th First time!
Maria Rhodes Bradford parkrun 22:33 36th -00:26
Stacey Cleal Bradford parkrun 23:22 51st +00:39
Ben Charlesworth Halifax parkrun 23:31 25th +01:42
Joanne Fortune Halifax parkrun 25:45 39th +00:09
Julie Hepworth Halifax parkrun 26:29 47th +00:57
Gary Morritt Halifax parkrun 27:01 52nd -02:16
David Hepworth Halifax parkrun 27:38 55th +01:37
Simon Thomas Halifax parkrun 28:38 59th +03:03
Charlotte Wilkinson Halifax parkrun 30:03 69th +01:39
Andrew Smith Halifax parkrun 32:47 76th +02:00
Beverley Morritt Halifax parkrun 37:49 92nd +01:11
Maria Keating Halifax parkrun 42:19 98th +12:55
Rob Glover Horton Park parkrun 28:11 17th +01:15
Gurjit Kaur Horton Park parkrun 32:58 32nd +-00:36
Lucy Reynolds Huddersfield parkrun 34:11 508th First time!
Lizzie Wharton Huddersfield parkrun 34:13 509th First time!
Stephen Wilby Oakwell Hall parkrun 29:05 75th +02:09

Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Well done to Andrew Smith for making his first Parkrun reappearance after 25 weeks. Will we see you next Saturday?
  • Well done to Gary Morritt for beating his previous PB by an impressive 60 seconds!
  • Stacey Cleal has run the most Parkruns without missing a single week, with 19 consecutive runs. Can she keep hold of this title?!
  • Joanne Fortune has run her 25th Parkrun. Halfway to the exclusive 50 club. Good work!
  • Julie Hepworth has run her 40th Parkrun. Keep it up!
  • Charlotte Wilkinson has run her 10th Parkrun. Keep it up!
  • Beverley Morritt has run her 10th Parkrun. Keep it up!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 2 runners who achieved a PB.