Parkrun Results 07/11/2015

This week saw 19 Queensbury RC runners participate at 6 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB?
Peter May Bradford 21:56 24th
Stacey Cleal Bradford 23:50 52nd
Andrew Tempest-Mitchell Bradford 28:15 137th
Carrie Baker Bradford 49:31 288th
Stephen Wilby Dunedin 30:28 37th
David Hunt Halifax 18:29 2nd
Michael Coe Halifax 19:42 4th Yes!
Andrew Stott Halifax 20:09 5th
Ben Charlesworth Halifax 21:49 14th Yes!
David Hepworth Halifax 26:36 48th Yes!
Julie Hepworth Halifax 26:38 49th Yes!
Glenn Thornton Halifax 26:45 50th
Sharan Loughran Halifax 28:21 55th
Matt Thornton Halifax 39:25 81st
Martin John Firth Horton Park 19:43 2nd
Chris Hanson Horton Park 26:27 18th
Craig Hawes Horton Park 26:33 19th
Stephen Brook Huddersfield 25:17 140th
Gurjit Kaur Reading 32:39 162nd Yes!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 5 runners who achieved a PB. Steven Wilby again wins the award for the most exotic course, running at Dunedin Botanic Garden in New Zealand, which is a cool 11,789 miles away – phew!