Parkrun 14th August 2021

Well done to all our members who rolled out of bed on Saturday morning for their weekly dose of running medicine and to all who achieved a PB. It looks like one of our members (Carl) has started the away Parkrun early, which reminded me that we need to crack on with these awaydays.

So, because I cant make the last Saturday in August these will commence on the last Saturday of every month with the 1st one on the 25th September giving us 7 awaydays which takes us nicely to our presentation night in April.

The winner will be the member who has accumulated the most age graded percentage points in these Parkruns, so the more you do the more chance you have of wining big.

I hope you will join in and show off your club kit around Yorkshire.

There will be a prize for 1st M+F

Please feel free to nominate an awayday venue outside of our local area

Full consolidated results from yesterday by clicking below

Consolidated club (