Oxenhope Straw race

11225425_10155737654320403_8783484545292356129_o 11698810_10155737654395403_5244428461623572501_o 11722216_10155737654340403_2001219671780565235_oThe Oxenhope Straw Race is a annual charity event raising money for the Sue Rider Manorlands Hospice the race is 2.6 miles long and is run in pairs you can take part in fancy dress but Chris and Mark decided not to you start by sharing a pint of beer and then run like hell to the first pub and pick up a bale of straw weighing some 40 lbs they both then carry the bale to the next pub which is up a very steep hill and share a pint  this is repeated at five pubs in total so they both share five pints run as hard as they can up hill with a 40 lb bale its not easy to keep the beer down they not only kept the beer down and got the bale round they ran the race in a great time 21.20 well done to you both.