Overgate 10k+5k 2nd April 2017

QRC did a pretty good job of trying take over the day as over 25 of us took part in the Overgate races from Trinity School on Sunday, it all kicked off at 9.30am but for some of our runners it started earlier with the usual photo session.

Those smiles will not last long
Those smiles will not last long 
Neither will yours
Neither will yours
The last time Andy saw Lynne that morning
The last time Andy saw Lynne that morning

So as races go, the 10km is a race of 2 halves, the 1st 5km is an uphill slog through Bradshaw, up to the Ragalds, taking a left to climb yet again up the aptly named Perseverance Road. As the road flattens out, the 5km marker comes into sight which means only one thing it’s all downhill (yippee!!!) where you can really let go and make up for lost time. Not really a PB course but still very enjoyable and well organised. 

Well done to all who took part and in particular to any of you who are just starting out with your racing.


FB_IMG_1491219744808 Tom   FB_IMG_1491219810763Richard 

FB_IMG_1491219828839Gary  FB_IMG_1491219845967Jo 


Results as follows 10k 1st

3rd Tom Collinge 38:53                    

4th David Hunt 40:04                     

8th Imran Asgnar 41:13                  

12th Lee Shaw 42:35                         

15th Martin Firth 42:54                  

24th Lynne Robinson 44.47          

27th Richard Brook 45:43          

29th Andrew Stott 46.06               

40th Graham Rhodes 47.14         

63rd Richard Newberry 48.56   

119th Glenn Thornton 53:58

138th Darren Jack 55.55

162nd Zoe Hipwell 57:34

176th Stephen Brook 58.46

194th Gary Morrit 60.24

198th Dianne Simpson 60:36

246th Sue Tozer 65:18

 249th Jo Bottomley 65:32

254th Craig Smith 65:52

258th Becci Smith 66.10

297th Sam Lawton 70:48

306th ElspethWhittaker 72:30

332nd Julie Bower 76:23

347th Megan Cliffe 81.09

349th Joanne Punt 85:21

354th Hannah Cliffe 87.31

355th Beverley Morrit 87:57

356th Penny Cliffe 87.57

360th Lynn Hill 92:10

362nd Lizzie Wharton 93:23


And in the 5km race

12th Racheal Kendall 25.48

53rd Shelley Ferneyhough 32:13

81st Maria Keating 35:30