Liversedge Half Marathon 14-2-16

A massive congratulations to all the Queensbury runners that turned up for the Liversedge Half Marathon on what turned out to be a nice but cold day some would say perfect conditions the race route is undulating well the first six miles are then it gets tough with some hard hills taking you to ten miles at twelve miles another climb to the finish.

The picture of Chris shows Andy Smith chasing him down no wonder Chris came fourth He He.


Name                           Time                         Position

Chris Williams              1-18-17                    4th

Martin Firth                   1-27-19                    38th

Carl Heron                    1-31-18                    60th

Richard Brook              1-34-01                    83rd  PB

Matt Thornton               1-37-31                   102nd

Steve Searle                 1-39-26                   126th

Julie Hepworth              1-57-38                   325th

Joanne Fortune             1-59-35                   342nd

Glenn Thornton              2-01-36                  359th

Daniel Moore                  2-02-26                  364th

Nicola Pearson              2-20-00                  452nd

Andrew Smith                2-20-25                   453rd PB

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