Littleborough 10k 1st Oct 2017

Littleborough is a place made for running and many do not realise some of the great runs that can be had around it. A fast and picturesque course that is run on good runnable roads, paths and some country lanes. The course, after the first start section is on a small gradual decline in terms of elevation. This makes the race feel down hill and makes for a really enjoyable running experience.

4 of you turned up to race, with some according to Strava more then happy than others with their performance, even so congratulations to you all for taking part and showing off the club colours and a big well done to Chris Williams for a top 3 finish. 

3rd Chris Williams 35:23

53rd Mark Wright 43:48

184th Stephen Brook 57:46

251st Heidi Nellis 1:25:26