Leeds Country Way (LCW) Relay 2016 – 04/09/16

As mentioned previously, we ran amazingly in our debut LCW Relay, finishing in 6th place out of a field of 50 teams. The 6 leg trail race takes in the countryside surrounding Leeds on this 62 mile circular footpath.

Well done to our runners;

Leg 1
Lee Shaw and Immy Asghar

Leg 2
Chris Williams and Tom Collinge

Leg 3
Peter Hughes and Peter May

Leg 4
Ben Clare and Alistair Galt

Leg 5
Carl Herom and Simon Brady

Leg 6
Jo Horan and Steve “Gapchenko” Searle

Well done, guys. Impressive running.Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 20.51.22 14188604_1746993708886614_2806157234254035669_o 14196049_10154567987023487_4401283280397326756_o 14231123_10154567987078487_6843925579223535856_o 14231376_1746993652219953_8379974504768313936_o 14231880_1746993665553285_2088554229379315554_o 14241445_10154249744895813_8478891543854202883_o 14249848_10154249220675813_5859073527456415691_o