Leeds 10k + Half Marathon 5Th Sept 2021

The Leeds 10K + Half Marathon was Jane Tomlinson’s vision. Jane founded the race using funds she raised by completing a series of astonishing endurance challenges, all whilst battling terminal cancer.

Jane died in 2007 soon after launching the first 10K. Today, the event has grown to become the highlight of the city’s running calendar; a hugely popular, inclusive and superbly-supported race for participants of all abilities.

The 10k

84th Gary Rowling 40:55

131st Jo Horan 42:56 (3rd FV40)

Half Marathon

Phil Lee 1:54:27

Tracey Stewart 2:14:38

David Bean 2:28:43

Nicola Smith 2:57:43

Well done to you all great running.