Hull Marathon 2016

Evening Runners,

Whilst the furthest I managed this sunny Sunday was a 4 mile run around Ogden some of our runners managed to achieved greater things.

Martin Firth travelled to the east coast to run the Hull Marathon. He flew around in a breath taking 2:58:44. Thats a sub 6:50min/mi average pace for 26.2 mi. Well done sir.

Meanwhile, down in Derbyshire, Julie Hepworth was out running some serious distance for her own upcoming marathon by racing in the Ladybower 20. As the name suggest this is a 20(.7)mile race around the picturesque Ladybower Reservoir. Julie ran the race in 3:22:51* which is excellent as it had over 2000ft of elevation.

Well done to them and the rest of you who have been busy running today.



*Unoffical time stolen from Julie’s Strava.