Hot off the press!!!



Our committee recently agreed that we should have an “open” night for all our Beginners’ Group members, whereby we meet at the Half Way House Pub, Sandbeds, Queensbury, at @ 7pm.(ALL full club members are encouraged to attend too!). It will be on Thursday October 2nd! It’s basically about reinforcing that we are ALL members of the same club (Queensbury Running Club), by getting to know each other and ensuring our group knows our committee members and regular members. Sandwiches and snacks will be laid on! During the evening, our committee will present the benefits of club membership, as well as getting together an order for club running vests, especially for new members wishing to take part in the forthcoming West Yorkshire Winter League.Anyone wishing to become a full member just needs to bring along £10 and their date of birth, and our Secretary will do the rest! Now we have darkness to contend with for training nights, we shall cover running safely in the dark. I’ll also be mentioning the Bradford City Runs, Oct 26..maybe we could have a club “outing” that morning, if enough of us are free, seeing it’s in our “own back yard” (oh..we need to provide ONE marshall for the event!!..any volunteers?), trying to get as many as possible to either run or, if not doing so, to turn up and support. It will help to publicise our club further – our profile has heightened immensely since we began our Beginners’ Group!! Naturally, you will be able to ask any questions you wish, and make any suggestions you feel will benefit the club and all of us who are part of it!

To compensate for “losing” our training night on Oct 2nd,our football landlords have been approached for us to “switch” to Tuesday September 30th , for that week only, for our usual training – they were able to most kindly oblige! Hope you can make it to both occasions!