Hollingworth Lake 5km

Steve and Richard Brook both made the short trip to Hollingworth Lake on Easter Monday for a speedy 5km race. The route starts from the Rugby Club Car Park and goes down hill on Rake Wood Road. This then flattens out for probably the fastest first mile in a 5km. It’s a very smooth road surface and has little traffic.  When you hit the Wine Press Restaurant you turn left on the road following the wall on Lake Bank Road. Then passing the Rowing club entrance on the path you turn into the Lake path.  Here you do a full circuit of the lake, the road is a combination of compacted path and tarmac and is very good running surface. The Finish is in the Car Park of the Club.  It’s a very flat, fast and virtual traffic free course.  Certainly one for a PB!

With the winner managing a steady 16:42, they would both have to put in a good performance. Richard was 1st back in 30th in a time of 20:05 with his dad Steve finishing in 139th in a time of 27:11, fast running from both of you and I’m sure that sub 20 is out there this year Rocky.

Well Done lads