Heptonstall 15 – 20/03/16

Congratulations to Graham Jowett who, on Sunday at 10:30, ran the Heptonstall 15.

This is a 15.4mi/24.8km race with 3170ft of ascent. The Heptonstall Fell Race is across the best of the local landscape around Heptonstall in the upper Calder Valley. The route takes in a mixture of steep-sided wooded valleys, upland pasture and pathless moorland.

He’ll have be hurtling down grassy slopes, struggling across stretches of bog, scrambling up through thick heather, dodging through dense woodland and – most of all – racing over some wild open countryside. 

Let’s give Graham a massive well done for completing the race in a fantastic 3:11:41.

Photos courtesy of Stacey Cleal.