Giants Tooth 1st Jan 2020

The annual pilgrimage to Ogden Water to try and rid the demons of the night before. At approx  2.7 miles and over 500ft of climbing this fell race proves very popular every year and a fantastic 13 of you helped to turn the fresh air at Ogden into an alcoholics paradise.

1st Tom Collinge 16:38 (Course Record)

5th Paul Greenwood 18:36

19th Andy Dovernor 20:24

24th Simon Brady 21:05

36th Chris Lane 22:08

37th Lynne Robinson 22:09

41st Carl Heron 22:20

56th Stacey Cleal 23:36

72nd Andy Stott 25:44

80th Kevin Murray 26:14

82nd Lynn Hurst 26:28

135th Graham Collinge 31:40

149th Simon Thomas 35:56

Well done to you all great running and huge congrats to Tom on the course record.

Awesome running.

The main man Tom C.