Giants Tooth 1st Jan 2018

The annual pilgrimage to Ogden Water to try and rid the demons of the night before. So with our £3 paid to the organisers and with Ogden car park filled with the smell of stale beer and most entrants having the breath of a large dog, 153 of us set off for 2.7 miles of gut wrenching pain. 

QRC must love this race as we had our best turn out for some time with 14 of us turning up to race/walk the course.

3rd Chris Williams 17:53

5th Tom Collinge 18:05

12th David Hunt 20:18

32nd Andy Dovenor 21.22

34th Mick Coe 21.25

52 Simon Brady 22.40

46th Lynne Robinson 22.45

63rd Richard Newberry 25.44

72nd Stacey Cleal 26.28

79th Terri Mason 27.30

121st Neil Windle 28.55

126th Glenn Thornton 30.20

135th Graham Jowett 32.08

139th Graham Collinge 33.15

Top 5 finishers