Endure 24 29Th June 2019

So you think you have it bad running for an hour or so, then not running until 2 days later, spare a thought for 2 QRC’ers who thought it would be fun to do as many 5 mile laps in 24 hours as they could.

Vicky Trudgil and Lee Shaw showed up at Branham Park, Leeds for this event which is growing in popularity year on year, the race starts at 12pm on the Saturday and runners can enter as a team of upto 8 or run in pairs or solo.

1st up we had Lee who with a couple of pals from other clubs racked up 195 miles between them with what started as a 5 but soon dropped to 4, with Lee managing to complete 45 of their miles.

Vicky who clearly has no friends (jokes yeah) entered as a solo and had a family weekend and racked up just under 35 miles over the 24hrs, ‘absolutely fantastic’ said Gary Barlow, a brilliant achievement Vicky congrats from us all.

Well done to both and f you fancy a shot at it next year have a chat with Vicky or Julie H. as they are trying to put a QRC team together, I believe boys maybe allowed too.