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Horton Park Virtual Parkrun 25Th April

In Horton’s 2nd week of virtual 5k’s, it was left to Queensbury to take the podium with a 1, 2, 3 finish, well done to all who took part with 5 Queensbury runners in the top 12. If you fancy a mention run a 5k anytime on a Saturday and post your strava/other platform time on their fb in their post and they’ll do the rest, happy running.

Strava Segment Challenge #5

Had a bit of a problem with this week’s segment “Westminster Gardens Climb” not registering some runners, probably those running up the left side of The Avenue. Any ways, I created a new segment “The Avenue climb”, based on my run, which is virtually identical, and picked up more runners –

Think Vicki’s might have been a walk…

04:03 Lynne Robinson (PR & CR)
04:03 Peter Hughes
04:13 Andy young
04:15 Chris Lane QRC (PR)
04:15 Phillip Whettlock QRC
04:16 Richard Brook
04:16 Neil Windle QRC (PR)
04:21 Andrew Paterson
04:45 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR & 4th overall)
05:37 Phil Lee (PR)
05:52 Rob Glover (PR)
05:53 Michelle Greenwood (PR)
13:58 Vicki O’Connell*

Strava Segment Challenge #4

This week’s results for “Pavement on sprint” –

How many goes did you have Neil … ?

02:15 Lynne Robinson (PR & CR)
02:19 Andrew Stott (PR & 7th overall)
02:30 Neil Windle QRC (2nd best)
02:32 Lynn Hurst (PR & 2nd overall)
02:37 Phillip Whettlock QRC
02:45 Andy young (PR)
02:57 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR & 5th overall)
03:43 Sharon Elliott QRC (3rd best)
03:51 Phil Lee (PR)
05:17 Andy Smith
??:?? Andrew Paterson (Garmin fail)

Strava Segment Challenge #2

Gary’s Hill –

This week’s results – assuming nobody is going to give it a go in the next couple of hours …

00:42 Paul Greenwood (PR & CR!)
00:52 Andy Young (PR & =7th overall)
00:52 Andrew Stott (PR & =7th overall)
00:55 Phillip Whettlock QRC (3rd best)
00:56 Andrew Paterson (PR)
00:57 Tom Collinge
01:01 Neil Windle QRC (PR)
01:02 Richard Brook (PR)
01:11 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR)
01:14 Stacey Cleal

Phillip, Coaching Coordinator

Strava Segment Challenge #1

Old Guy Road Charge –

First one was a bit of an experiment, and had to do some digging around to get the list below – apologies if I’ve missed you!

3:40 Andy Young (PR & 8th overall)
3:53 Neil Windle QRC (PR)
3:55 Andrew Paterson (PR)
4:11 Phillip Whettlock QRC (2nd best)
4:11 Lynn Hurst (PR & 3rd overall)
4:25 Richard Brook (2nd best)
4:48 Peter Hughes (3rd best)
4:51 Joanne Fortune QRC
4:56 Rob Glover (2nd best)
5:13 Adrian Stanley (2nd best)
5:40 Peter Wood (PR)
6:35 Zoe Hipwell QRC
8:18 Andrew Stott